Humpback whales put on a show for the kayaker

Extremely close encounter with a humpback whale is simply incredible. Joyful and a little frightening event occurred in the canadian province of British Columbia.

During excursions to the Islands of discovery a group of kayakers spotted a female humpback whale and her calf. One of the rowers Heather Lawrence said that half an hour later, after they noticed the whales disappeared under the water.

“We thought they left,” says Lawrence. Then, the whales and gave us an idea”.

“The whale jumped out first, and it was something like “wow, cool”. But then immediately sprang the mother, and it is huge compared to the cub. It was dizzying. It is huge, and that’s all you see. It covers the entire landscape. In the brain does not have time to shoot a lot of thoughts. You just think, “Holy cow, I can’t believe I see it, and then think, “Oh, I hope I get out of here safely.”.

Once a female humpback whale jumped out of the water, Lawrence dropped the camera and quickly began to pull back.

Humpback whales triumphantly returned to the coast of British Columbia after almost complete extinction. In the northeast Pacific ocean is home to 21 thousand humpback whales.

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