Hurricane Harvey threw the corpse of a mysterious monster to the shore

Texas hurricane “Harvey” left on the shore the corpse of a sea monster, which led biologists into confusion and aroused the interest of the world scientific community.

The other day, Hurricane Harvey, which turned a significant part of Texas into flooded ruins, threw an amazing “gift” out of the sea. The Guardian reports, referring to biologist Pritty Desai’s twitter, that after the element ceased to rampage, on the beach was found the corpse of a blind torpedo-shaped monster with a smooth black skin and a mouth dotted with sharp teeth. The find caused horror in local residents, and biologists have a healthy interest. What is it, a monster straight from Howard Lovecraft’s grim stories?

American biologist Kenneth Tighe, who works at the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution, suggested that the animal is in fact an eel-tailed eel, a representative of the species Aplatophis chauliodus. The Gulf of Mexico, from which the “Harvey” came, is the natural habitat of these creatures: they lead a bottom life at a depth of 100 meters, hunting unguarded fish and crustaceans – hence the strange shape of the body. The adult can reach 80 cm in length. However, scientists are still arguing, because because of the small amount of information, the exact species belonging of the animal was not established.

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