In Cambodia, a child lives with a crack in his head

A resident of Cambodia, Peeter Pov was born with a huge crack in the skull, which grows every day. Now the boy is six years old, local doctors do not know how to help him. An expensive treatment is needed for which his parents do not have the means.

The boy’s mother says that the doctors did not attach much importance to the fact that her child was born with a crack in her head.

“They let us go home, saying that they do not know what to do, maybe the gap will heal itself, doctors said,” the mother of the sick, 40-year-old Srey, who earns 10 to 25 dollars a week, begging in the local temple told.

The woman’s husband left her as soon as he saw his newborn son for the first time. A woman is forced to raise a child alone, with rare help from her 67-year-old mother.

“The crack in the son’s head is so big that I can put my hand in it completely.” Charity organizations help us, but their medicines only soften the pain, and nothing more, “said a resident of Cambodia.

The patient’s family tries to draw attention to their problem through the media.

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Amrendra Kumar Sinha

I am willing to contribute for surgery of this child. please contact me at God bless him and give him a healthy and normal life.

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