In China opened water attraction long with two Manhattans

In the first days of January, China opened a new spectacular attraction – pontoon water Park on the river, Hansua in the southwestern province of Guigou. A total area of 54 thousand square meters, and to walk in all his tracks with a length of 50 kilometers, will take about 10 hours. The local press proudly emphasizes that it is twice the length of new York’s Manhattan island (about 22 miles).

For several days the Park was visited by over 60 thousand tourists. Here they are confronted with various entertainment areas. In particular, the rich variety of floating objects in the area with children’s water slides and a giant rubber duck. However, whether it will be in high demand to the summer season, is unclear.

In addition, an open area with bleachers from which to observe the flight of the jet pack. And at night the entire Park is lit with spectacular lights.

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