In China, three people were killed in the attack of wild elephants

Three people died as a result of an attack by wild elephants in the Chinese province of Yunnan.

It is reported that over the past eight days in the Xishuangbanna-Dai Autonomous Region there have been four cases of wild elephants attacking people. As a result, three people died, another one was injured.

Experts explain the frequent attacks of elephants by the fact that this year, because of the drought, the elephants do not have enough food, moreover, they need to drink water and play in the water every day, and because of the drought, food near nearby water bodies is almost depleted. This led to the fact that elephants are sent in search of food in areas remote from water bodies. However, after eating, they again need to return to the reservoirs, because of this, the animals are nervous.

Wild Asian elephants in China are protected animals. They mainly live in Xishuangbanna County, as well as in the cities of Puer and Lincang in Yuannan Province. The lack of food in the winter time makes them look for food near the villages.

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