In Dubai will build a rotating skyscraper

In Dubai in 2020 will be built the world’s first rotating skyscraper. Structure called Dynamic Tower designed by company Dynamic Architecture.

Each floor will rotate 360 degrees around a common axis independently from each other, depending on the settings chosen by the owner. According to the architects, the rotation of the floors can be synchronized with the movement of the sun in order to in separate rooms all day it was light. The speed of the floors can be changed.

Between the layers will provide for 79 wind turbines, which will have to provide a skyscraper of electricity.

The cost of apartments range from 4 to 40 million dollars.

Dynamic Tower will be constructed of pre-assembled plant modules, which are attached to the Central rod.

The building will consist of 80 floors. The height of the skyscraper will be 388 meters.

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