In Germany, the sale of a toy “flying saucer of the Third Reich”

The German toy manufacturer withdrew one of its products from the shelves of stores, because she taught the children that the Nazis were the first to learn space travel.

Revell, which is based in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, sold a “round airplane,” which in its description contained information that it was “the first object in the world to fly in space.”

According to the inscriptions on the toy box, this space ship can reach a speed of 6000 km per hour and did not go beyond the test phase due to the Second World War. The toy even contains the symbols of the Third Reich.

The Military History Museum and the German Children’s Protection Association complained that the toy is historically inaccurate. Historian Jens Wechner confirmed that the aircraft was a complete fiction. “At that time, it was technologically impossible to build something like this,” said Wechner. “Enthusiasts can use this as a strategy to question what we know today about National Socialism.”

Revell said, an investigation is underway as this toy fell into free sale. The company spokeswoman said that she agrees with Vekhner. “This is actually a legendary, unusual aircraft that can not be proved from the point of view of existence. Unfortunately, our description of the product does not provide an adequate understanding, and we apologize for this, “the spokeswoman said.

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