In Hamburg for the first time in 80 years there were beer slugs

In one of the cellars in Hamburg’s “red light district” they found a living specimen of the so-called beer slug – a mollusk, which was last seen in the city in 1935 and was considered to have disappeared.

At one time, these slugs were considered one of the attractions of Hamburg. Shellfish, which differed in yellow-green and gray-blue horns and reached up to 10 centimeters in length, usually lived in the cellars of local breweries, for which they received their name, reports the Daily Mail.

Their “bloom” came in the 19th century, but later the number of beer slugs in the city began to fall, which was mainly due to the reconstruction of the city cellars, which ceased to be wet and lost all appeal to mollusks.

April 4, scientists from the University of Hamburg announced the discovery of beer slugs in the cellars of houses in the districts of St. Pauli and Grindervirtel, in which the red light district of Hamburg is located. The find was reported in an article published in the scientific journal Mitteilungen der deutschen malakozoologischen Gesellschaft.

Auto articles, Dr. Marco Nyiber, explains their return by global warming, since slugs are in principle very susceptible to cold.

In addition to Hamburg, Berlin is the only major city in Germany inhabited by beer slugs. They saw this species of mollusks in 2015.

Earlier it was reported that on the Internet with the help of a flash mob they found a pair for a unique snail Jeremy, living in London, whose shell is curved counterclockwise.

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