In Japan, opened a restaurant for cannibals?

Messages flooded with various media that the newly opened restaurant in Japan is the first in the world to legally offer human meat to visitors is fake news.

Japan in many ways is certainly a strange country, but not so much. It is completely incomprehensible with what purpose such messages are replicated in a huge number of media. In the Russian-language media, this news began to spread the other day, and initially it appeared in the Western media in November 2017 when an article appeared on various venues where it was reported that Tokyo had recently opened a restaurant (working under the name “Edible Brother”), which offers human flesh for customers. Moreover, the articles stated that the government of Japan allowed conciliation in 2014.

It is also alleged that the residents of Japan were allowed to sell their bodies for consumption. Every Japanese could leave a will with the confirmation of the consent to send his body for processing and for this his relatives could receive 35,000 euros of compensation. Prices in the restaurant vary from 100 to 1000 euros.

International news sources reported that a tourist from Argentina was the first person who could eat human flesh in the “Edible Brother”.

After a lot of articles on this topic, which now even reached the Russian-speaking users, we conducted an investigation and found that originally this information was published on July 12, 2016, by the publisher La Voz Popular, a satirical publication in Spanish.

The counterfeit article “La Voz” about alleged approval by the Japanese government of the first “noodle shop from the human body”) and photographs of the details created to promote the video game Zombie Resident Evil 6 (which were redesigned for a more plausible hoax) to promote a fabricated story.

Therefore, we can responsibly say – in Tokyo there is no restaurant that offers dishes from human flesh and in Japan there is no legislation that allows cannibalistic practices.

The Japanese Embassy in Mexico, where journalists asked questions about this information, were shocked and informed that they did not even know that this information was circulating on the Internet and called it “completely absurd.” He also denies that Japanese law allows cannibalism.

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