In Russia, a bear was saved, stuck in a window

Residents of Nizhnevartovsk recorded on the rescue the bear, who was stuck in the window of a building car, repeating the history of Winnie the Pooh. Brown master of the forest, like the famous cartoon character, came to visit to eat something delicious, but after a hearty breakfast he could not leave on his own.

In the absence of workers, the clumsy man climbed into the car through the window, pretty much pobyoznichal inside and wanted to go back the same way, but there it was. When the workers returned, they were surprised to find a forest visitor stuck in a narrow window opening. Wait until the bear grows thin, as the rabbit advised Winnie the Pooh, did not. For safety, the animal was injected with sleeping pills, then strapped to the paws of the cable and with the help of a truck gently pulled the poor fellow out of the trap.

Soon the bear returned safely to the forest.

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