In Texas, caught a huge frog

Marcus Rangel caught a huge bullfrog weighing 6 kg in a pond in Texas last week. The South Texas Hunting Association posted his snapshot of the trophy, and he instantly became viral.

The caption for the photo reads: “Marcus Rangel decided to share with all the monstrous bull frog that we caught yesterday in a pond on a ranch in Batesville, this monster weighs 6 kg!”

A representative of the Office of Wildlife Management and Wildlife of Texas confirmed that the photograph was real and was not changed with the help of a graphic editor.

But the size of the frog in the picture, indeed, is misleading. “It’s not as big as it seems,” Steve Lightfoot said. – This is an optical illusion, which is created due to the fact that the frog is closer to the camera. It seems like the fishermen are holding the fish in front of themselves, so that it seems bigger. And anyway, it’s a very big bull-frog. “

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