In Thailand, the dolphin died, swallowing 80 plastic bags

In the south of Thailand, a black dolphin has died, swallowed 80 plastic bags, writes The Independent referring to local authorities.

He vomited five packets, while zoologists tried to save him. Packages weighing eight kilograms stuck in the animal in the stomach and in the throat, not allowing it to swallow and digest food.

As noted by the oceanographer biologist Ton Tamrongnavasavat, due to swallowed packages, the dolphin could not survive because it was already unable to eat. “If you have eighty packets in your stomach, you may think that you have already died,” he said.

Every year in Thailand, due to plastic waste, more than 300 marine life dies, including dolphins, turtles and whales, added Tamrongnavasavat.

China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand are the largest environmental polluters, these five countries account for more than half of all plastic waste. According to specialists, if no measures are taken, in ten years the amount of plastic debris in the world’s oceans will triple.

Black dolphins, or grinders, can reach a length of more than eight meters and weigh up to three tons. They are friendly in nature and live in packs, moving long distances.

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