In Thailand, the snake attacked a riding motorcyclist

A motorcyclist in Thailand is dangerous. Not always good roads, heat, absolutely eerie movement where few people follow road rules, and besides local fauna behaves unpredictably. For example, the most common snake can jump on a motorcyclist.

It seems that the reptile on the video was warming on the warm asphalt, when a passing motorcyclist disturbed the snake’s sleep. She reacted extremely aggressively, literally jumping on a man. He barely dodged, and can see how hard he managed to manage.

Of course, such snake jumps are not the rarest phenomenon, but usually on such fast-moving and large objects reptiles do not attack. It seems that this snake was extremely annoyed by the fact that her vacation was interrupted.

By the way, local motorcyclists are still afraid of monkeys sitting on trees near the road. Those can throw something that will turn up under the paw.

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