In the Argentine desert built a landing site for alien ships

In the Argentine desert, a landing pad for alien civilizations was built, a man who claims that the aliens ordered him to create a structure.

A strange construction, it was built by a Swiss named Werner Jaisley.

The landing site is a collection of white and brown rocks, placed in a shape resembling a star, which ufologists are associated with extraterrestrial activity.

Jaisley built a monument in the Argentine desert near the small town of Kachi in the province of Salta.

Jaisley decided to build the site, he claimed, when he received a “telepathic message” from an alien civilization in which they said that they needed a place to land when they arrived on our planet.

He stated to the Argentine newspaper El Tribuno: “I was in Fuerte Alto with my neighbor Luis. It was midnight on November 24, 2008.
“This is a night of UFO,” I told Luis.

At that moment, two luminous objects rose 200 meters above the river of Kalchaki.
“They were solid, round and resembling polished metal. I do not know why, but I mentally asked them to fly closer. And they did it! ”

“They stopped 100 meters above our heads and sent a ray of light at us. The funny thing is that it did not affect our eyesight. Something started in my brain: it was an order. They asked me to build a landing pad telepathically. ”

After receiving a message in 2008, Jaisley immediately began work on creating a landing pad in the form of a star, which has 36 beams and reaches 48 meters in diameter.

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