In the sea near the popular beach in Thailand, a shark attacked a man

In Thailand, a shark attacked a tourist from Norway. The incident occurred on the popular Sai Noi beach (near the city of Hua Hin), which had to be closed for 20 days for safety reasons. The authorities of the country will establish around the places for bathing fencing nets.

The Norwegian suffered a leg injury. At first, the administration tried to convince the public that it was injuries from strikes against the rocks. However, doctors and biologists from the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources conducted an examination, which showed that the traumas of a tourist are the bites of a gray bull shark. The predatory fish was about a meter long, its age was about a year.

It is reported that the attack of a shark on a tourist was able to take off on a smartphone one of the Buddhist monks living in a monastery nearby. In his video, two sharks are seen swam to the shore. The monk calls on the government to take action until someone dies and reports that although only two sharks have got into the frame, in fact there are about 30 or 40 near the beach. “Look, Mr. Prime Minister, here they are, sharks, exclaims the monk. “Right at the shore.”

A gray bull shark, also called a shark-bull or tupory, has the most powerful bite among all its relatives. It seldom attacks people in Southeast Asia (in Australia and the US, on the contrary, cases of attack by bull sharks are not uncommon). Such a shark can also exist in fresh water. Therefore, it often swims into rivers and can even settle there.

Young sharks can attack a person by taking him for a sea animal. Over the past two years, several cases of attack by aquatic predators have been recorded in Thailand. So, sharks attacked swimmers near the islands of Koh Samui and Phuket – but it was on the high seas. To shore, bull sharks rarely swim. Why predatory fish came so close to the beach of Sai Noi, biologists can not explain.

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