In Yosemite appeared a great “fire falls”

Every year in February, the waterfall “Horse tail”, located on the Eastern slope of the mountain El Capitan in Yosemite National Park for a few minutes visually becomes a “fire falls”. The name given to a natural wonder: the coincidence of a number of weather conditions waterfall looks like molten flowing down the slope of the volcano lava. . $CUT$

As explained to journalists the American meteorologists, the width of the “fire falls” more than usual this year due to the abundance of precipitation this winter in California. According to the “Washington Post” winter in Northern California fell by 228 percent of the precipitation more than the average norm.

“Fire falls” appears only in the combination of a number of weather conditions: perfectly clear sky and heavy rains to increase the width of the waterfall. In addition, the sun’s rays should fall on the waterfall at a certain angle. This is only possible within a few days of February.

“The name “fire falls” — a tribute to the tradition of 1872, when on one of the peaks of Yosemite glacier point every night did the fire pit and dropped him down”, — said one of the witnesses of the “fire falls” under the photo in “Instagram”.

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