Incredible friendship of a penguin and a human

Every year since 2011, a penguin named Dindin arrives to visit his best friend, with whom was found on one of the Brazilian beaches.

Juan Pereiro di Susa once worked as a bricklayer and fisherman. He is 71 now, and he’s long since retired. Once he found on the beach mellanskog penguin, covered with a viscous, oil like substance. The poor man was barely alive. Juan took the penguin home and left him. And when Dindim recovered, did not want to leave his Savior. Then he was reunited with his relatives and Juan was sure that he would never see his ward.

Imagine his surprise when the next year Dindim back “stay.” Then the same thing happened a year later, and since then every year.

“I love this penguin as her own and I think that the penguin also fell in love with me,” said Juan in an interview with local television. – No he won’t allow himself to touch. He sits on my lap, trusting me to wash him, feed sardines and take hands”.

“Every time I am assured that he will not return, but he returns for four consecutive years,” says Juan

Professor of biology Krazhevski can’t find explanation for this phenomenon:

“I’ve never seen anything like it. Apparently penguin thinks Giovanni a member of his family and takes him for a penguin.

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