Incredibly long networks of Madagascar spiders

The Darwin spider, recently discovered in Madagascar, is able to throw a long and strong cobweb over vast distances, just like his fellow superhero.

Spiderman is a fantastic character, but in the wild he has a “brother”: it’s certainly about the spider Darwin (Caerostris darwini). These amazing animals can spider webs up to a distance of 25 meters, allowing them to cross rivers and create impressive net-trap sizes.

Darwin’s spiders were discovered in Madagascar quite recently, in 2009. They are able to produce a huge amount of cobwebs, which is also one of the most durable natural materials. With its help, spiders create long, thin threads. The wind swayed them and throws them between the trees, which facilitates C. darwini work and allows us to weave on their basis hawking networks, on which it is very convenient to move between trees. In the same way, spiders even overcome rivers and small ponds.

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