Interesting facts about reincarnation in Hinduism

Enough to watch a few films produced in “bollywood” to understand the concept of reincarnation is one of the foundations of Hinduism. However, India is not the only country that believes in the transmigration of souls. And not only because Hinduism is professed by people in different parts of the globe, but also because the concept of reincarnation is common to many religions. Most often it occurs in the beliefs of different traditional tribes around the globe.

What kind of thing is so, reincarnation? The term “reincarnation” comes from Latin and literally means “re-incarnation”. In Hinduism this process is known as “Punarjanma”. Read more about the Hindu view of reincarnation can be found in the various myths about how the God Vishnu was reincarnated in different beings, to help people. Simply put, reincarnation is the transmigration of the soul. People who believe in reincarnation, the person is positioned not as a body with a soul, but a soul that has a body. After death the soul can change it, just as we change clothing when it wears out. However, the soul cannot choose any “favorite” her body, because the transformation depends on how the person lived his life on his karma. So if a person behaved badly, it can transform into a bird, animal or any other form of life.

How does all of this do you see people who believe in it? Here are seven of the most interesting facts about reincarnation that you might want to learn.

Unfinished business and unfulfilled desires

If Manchego still have some unfinished business or unfulfilled desires, the soul can not be reborn in a new body. She is wandering between two worlds, until her desires are not fulfilled, and things will not be completed.

The beating of the dead man

So from the looks of the custom, which is necessary in order to erase all memories of the soul about the life of her dead body. The fact that, according to Hindu belief, the soul must be freed from the memories of her past life. That’s why during one of the death rituals of Hindus severely beat the deceased on the head: it is necessary that the soul has forgotten your life. Memories of the previous life of the soul may adversely affect her next life.

The memory lingers

Despite all the efforts, the memories can’t be erased completely: they are saved, but remain in the subconscious mind of the new creature. Generally, Hindus believe that our subconscious stores information about all the events that happened to our soul on all its earthly lives. But since our soul is not clean enough, we can’t connect with Brahma (the Hindu name for the chief God) and to remember all our lives. Only a few people practicing meditation and sadhana, we can recall their previous lives.

Not only cats have multiple lives

According to Hinduism, every living creature has 7 lives. All seven of these lives, the soul will be reborn again and again, depending on his karma. After the seventh life, the soul finds freedom (in Hinduism this is called Moksha).

The wheel of samsara

Birth, death and rebirth – the natural stages of existence of the soul. As soon as she takes the form of a new body, it is also becoming a new ego. If the soul is abusing that good she got with a new body, it loses the purity. Thus, when the body dies, the immortal soul is left alone with the committed sins, and therefore, it will need to be cleansed in the next life (it usually comes through suffering). That is why Hindus believe that all good (or bad) of this life are a result of their past lives.

Reincarnation is not instantaneous

The soul does not immediately find a new body. It may take a year or even ten years before she will be able to start a new life in a new body, because it must fit the soul for karmic parameters.

Third eye

Hindu texts and illustrations show that all of us have the third eye: we just are unable to open it. Because of this, we cannot see our karma. The third eye – the eye of enlightenment. It can be “open” through the practices of sadhana and Dhyana, which can also help our soul to rise to a new level. It is in this way reached the enlightenment of Gautama Buddha.

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