Japanese paints pictures in Excel

Tatsuo Horiuchi, a 76-year-old Japanese pensioner. He had long wanted to learn to draw on the computer, but because of the high prices they could not afford to buy a graphic editor. And then he began to draw in spreadsheets. Get him real masterpieces!

When the Japanese Tatsuo Horiuchi retired, he decided it was time to do something interesting and implement some sort of dream. He bought himself a computer, began to study its possibilities and felt drawn to drawing.

Tatsuo had come from behind the Paint, but was disappointed in its capabilities. Unfortunately, something advanced like Photoshop money. And then he noticed the package of Microsoft Office programs installed on your computer.

Interested him not a Word that many people use to create drawings, and application for working with Excel spreadsheets. 10 years honing his Japanese skills. The result of his efforts – paintings of incredible beauty.

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