Kenyan single-handedly rescues animals from drought

Risking his own life, shaking for several hours in desert potholes, a resident of Kenya for the water truck delivers fresh water to a desperately thirsty animals living in arid regions West national Park Tsavo. Here Patrick Kilonzo, perhaps most desired person. According to him, since June of last year, the region almost no rain, so many animals died of thirst in the land.

Then he decided − if not him, then who else can help the animals survive? Without human support, they will not stand the test of weather. And he rented a truck to deliver water. The capacity of the water carrier is only 3000 gallons (1 gallon in the English system of units = 4,55 litres). It’s a little for such a vast territory, so in terms of Patrick buy a new carrier (it is hoped that it will help to gather donations for a good cause).

And the animals already know the sound of the engine and the noise of a truck rumbling along the dusty road, and hasten to meet the man. Thirst for that time, suspends the strife. Elephants, buffalos, antelopes and zebras run from all surrounding areas to the water carrier. Kenyan fills with water sources dried up (some fortified with concrete), and sometimes just creates puddles where buffaloes wallow in mud to get rid of bed bugs and fleas.

In between trips 41-year-old Patrick supports the project for the conservation of wildlife. He visits local schools, talking with students, trying to convey to them that the wild nature of the national Park is their legacy, reports The Dodo.

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