Melting glaciers will help find hundreds of missing climbers

The melting of glaciers in the Swiss Alps will help to find hundreds of mummified frozen bodies of climbers who disappeared without a trace more than 90 years ago.

The Swiss police claim that hundreds of missing climbers can now be found in the coming years, as global warming forces the glaciers to retreat.

The Alpine authorities recorded a significant increase in the number of dead bodies found last month, The Guardian reports.

One of the last finds of rescuers was the body of a German who disappeared in the mountains in 1987. In addition, in July, the mummified bodies of a Swiss couple that disappeared in the Alps 75 years ago were found.

Marcelin and Francine Dumulin, the parents of seven children, went to milk their cows in the meadow over the village of Shandolen in the canton of Valais on August 15, 1942. Experts explained that the tragedy happened to the couple because of unsuitable shoes for mountaineering.

In August, there were remains of a man who, it is believed, died in a plane crash that occurred more than 50 years ago.

As the publication specifies, since 1850 glaciers occupied 1,735 km² of Swiss land, but now the total area has been reduced by about half – up to 890 km².

The rescuers have a database, which contains all the missing since 1925 in the Alps. At least the police hope to find 160 bodies.

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