Monster of the Romanian Lake Tarnitsa

The Loch Ness monster also has a Romanian “fellow” who lives in Lake Tarniţa, in the Western Carpathians. In Romania, a few years ago became a popular photograph of the “Tarnitsky Monster”, which was accidentally made by local tourists in the surrounding mountains.

“At first it seemed to us a big tree, nailed to the shore,” one of the eyewitnesses said. – We calmly continued descending along a rather steep slope. When there was very little water left, I cast a casual glance towards the “log” and froze; It turned out to be the size of a whale.

A huge head and part of the body were clearly visible, small waves from the movements of the tail along the water. The maw of the monster resembled a car hood, it could easily absorb a person or an animal, and eyes, the size of a car’s headlights, seemed to phosphoresce in the water column. The silent scene lasted a few seconds, then I snatched out my Canon and managed to take some pictures until the monster disappeared in the depths of the lake. ”

The lucky man who captured the “monster” was the 15-year-old Cluj Victor Borogine. Because of the rush, only two successful shots were obtained, but on one of them the monster is still captured in the way that his schoolchildren saw, in all its glory and strength.

Unfortunately, the network of these images could not be found.

Lake Tarnitsa is located 50 kilometers west of the Romanian city of Cluj. It is very deep – “bottomless,” as the old people say, and stretched for 5 km in length and 1 km in width.

According to its topographic data, the reservoir is very similar to the Scottish lake of Loch Ness, famous for its either a serpent, or a relic dinosaur that survived all times and epochs, and adapted to modern conditions.

The local fishermen have preserved an almost pagan custom. After a successful fishing they always return a few fish from the catch back into the water. As they say, as a sacrifice to the Dragon, so that next time he does not interfere with good biting.

In the summer, when young people come to the nearby villages, superstitious old people will not fail to warn their grandchildren and grandchildren that swimming in the lake is unsafe, you can “disturb” the water snake.

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