Near Tahiti will appear floating city

Floating city is planned to start in the Pacific in 2019. Interested in the project, the government of French Polynesia, signed a Memorandum on the construction with the organization of the Seasteading Institute. The project will provide one of the founders of Paypal, Peter Thiel.

At the Seasteading Institute believe that in 2020, the floating city will accommodate 250 – 300 people, and by 2050 – already tens of millions, reports the Daily Mail.

The interest of the government of French Polynesia to explain. The archipelago includes 118 Islands that can go under water in case of increase of level of world ocean.

The first houses will have to appear for two years from the commencement of construction. The floating Islands will be provided all the necessary facilities, farms, hospitals, power plants.

In the first phase the city will consist of 11 rectangular and pentagonal platforms. They can be fit together like a puzzle to create more complex forms. Platform length is 50 metres. The city is surrounded by a 50 meter wall to protect from waves.

The platform will be created of reinforced concrete. They will be able to withstand building height of three floors. The cost of one platform is less than $ 15 million, which is comparable to land prices in London and new York. The cost of construction of the first city is estimated at 167 million dollars.

It is assumed that the floating city will appear near the island of Tahiti.

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