Near the coast of Ireland caught a giant squid

Near the southwestern coast of Ireland caught a huge squid. According to local media, this is the largest cephalopod mollusc seen in Irish waters in the last 22 years.

A squid with tentacles of 5.8 meters long caught in a network of a fishing trawler 190 kilometers from the coast of the south-western county of Kerry, after which it was taken to the aquarium of the town of Dingle. Later, the giant will be on display at the local zoological museum.

According to the director of the oceanarium Kevin Flannery, such a catch is extremely rare, since such specimens live at a great depth – up to one and a half thousand meters.

He explained that near the place where the mollusk was caught, there is a three-kilometer sea basin. Flannery suggested that the squid rose from the depths in pursuit of prey. “This is a young mollusk of a male – surely it could have reached even larger sizes,” said the director of the aquarium.

Squids belong to the order of cephalopod mollusks. Usually they have a size of up to half a meter, but sometimes reach a length of 15 meters (including tentacles). In history, cases of large squid attacks against humans have often been reported.

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