New York is covered with snow

New York was covered with snow, and “Instagram” was instantly added to photos from the event.

Heavy snowfall took place in the USA in the night from 8 to 9 February. Among the piled snow of the cities was new York, where snowplows shoveling the snow around the clock.

On the morning of the Blizzard began to subside, but the snow continues to go, from-for what in the city piled up drifts up to 30 cm In the city declared a storm warning, and residents are advised to stay home.

But many new Yorkers are unable to resist the snow-white splendor and took to the streets of the city. The result of walking through the snowy new York became pretty pictures that are not ashamed to put in “Instagram”.

The last time the city dressed in similar snow decorations in January 2016. Then the snow piles were so huge that new York banned the use of cars.

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