Norway has found a bottle with the message from Iceland sent 11 years ago

Has beaten a bottle with the letter written by the nine-year-old Icelandic girl to coast of Norway. The message which has done a route not less than 1000 km long, and most likely has been read in 11 years, much more, after has gone to a way. As the Icelandic public TV and broadcasting service reports, the female resident of Norway who has found a bottle, walking on the beach, without effort could find the author of the letter by means of social networks.

“My name is Dagnya Lilya Arnarsdottir. I am nine years old, I was born in 1995. I live in Akyureyri in Iceland. I am fond of drawing. Have given a task to send this letter to us at school. If you find him – call by phone to my parents”, – it is written by the handle on the sheet of paper which was taken out from a bottle. The leaf is also decorated by the blue-red flags of Iceland and a green lodge drawn with colored pencils with an orange roof.

Itself Dagnya by whom this year it was executed 21, admits that has forgotten about the letter and hasn’t learned either the drawings, or own handwriting, having seen them in the photo sent her from Norway on the Internet. Subsequently she nevertheless has remembered that in 2005 children in her class have received a task to make the sealed messages with the telephone numbers, to throw bottles into a stream, and then to try to find out, their letters have been found where exactly.

“It is surprising that my letter was in ten years, but the fact that the woman who has found it has found me in Facebook – a real miracle”, – has written Dagnya on the to the page in a popular social network.

It is curious that she still lives in the northern town of Akyureyri – the settlement, the fourth in size, in the territory of the island state. She still strongly likes to draw and now studies painting at local university.

Sending letters in bottles – popular entertainment among residents of Iceland. On the informative website for young Icelanders of Krakkaruv it is possible to trace in real time a route of two bottles now with GPS receivers which have gone to a way from Reykjavík in January, 2016. By the present moment they have floated already several thousands of kilometers – have rounded Greenland, have passed along the coast of the Canadian Newfoundland, have been picked up by east current and now approach coast of Ireland.

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