On an edge of steep on a mountain bike

Driving the bicycle on the edge of a high dam — not the most reasonable occupation. But, thanks to courage and skill of the cyclist Fabio Vibner, we can endure at least partly what is felt by the person balancing on the edge of an abyss.

Fabio Vibner, the racer and the thrill-seeker, definitely claims for a cup “Imprudence of year”. To show the skill, he climbed up to the very top of Kölnbreinsperre dam in Austria and passed on a mountain bike on a thin edge of an icy handrail, balancing at the height of 200 meters above the ground while on the left side from it the plumb breakaway stretched. Fortunately, Fabio safely finished the trick moreover and shared with the Internet the video record made by means of the camera GoPro attached on a helmet and removing the thrill-seeker in the mode from the first person.

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