On Earth found the Martian landscape

Laureate of the Sony World Photo Move Julien made a series of unusual images. He found the Martian landscape to Earth and closer to the future with a camera.

Not fake, and fantasy

A photo of two astronauts who are doing selfies and posing on the backdrop of incredible landscapes, walked all the social networks. The move exhibited the work in the Louvre and Somerset house (London), not trying to pass them off as real pictures from the red planet, though, and called the series “Greetings From Mars” (“Greetings from Mars”). Internet users ask the question, could in this area to do the famous pictures of Mars, allegedly taken by the Mars Rover Curiosity or from other sources.

Move and he wants to go to Mars, but while the technology does not allow to do so. Photographer went to the arid regions in the Western United States and found a decent nature. Red desert and huge sand dunes, canyons and gorges become an interesting backdrop for photos. By the way, is where they filmed scenes from the space Saga “Star wars. Episode IV” and several other sci-Fi films.

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