One-day chameleon yawns and changes color

Small animals are always adorable, but yawning one-day chameleon that changes color – that’s too much!

First a chameleon of a monochromatic green color with small white stripes. Then he takes a deep breath, and then yawns, and dark spots and stripes begin to appear on his side and the crest on his back. By the end of the yawn, he already has stains on the chin, legs and tail.

The most interesting thing in the video is that the chameleon, apparently, understands that people change their color. “Yes, I changed my pattern,” he seems to think. “Can you leave me alone now?” What, you still see me? It turned out not as I planned. Maybe I’ll change my pattern a little more. ” And the dark spots around the chin and feet fade slightly.

And still does not work, my friend! You can still see. But keep trying – the work of the master is afraid!

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