Predictions for 2017 from the famous seers

The predictions aggregated everything for 2017 draw very gloomy picture. Of course, it would be possible to accuse predictors of conspiring. But, alas, all of them lived in different places, in different years and even in different centuries. Some live and until now. Nevertheless, their forecasts in something are similar.

Predictions which were collected by the journalist Georgy Poltavchuk are stated below.

Nostradamus’s predictions for 2017.

Almost all forecasts of the astrologer who lived in the sixteenth century were realized. Nostradamus spoke about danger of extermination of mankind in 2015-2020. In particular, because of a drought 2017 will be difficult for many countries. There will be also a number of the natural disasters connected with water, there will be also other natural disasters.

Vanga’s predictions for 2017.

Looking at the world eyes of the soul the blind prophetess gave gloomy forecasts for 2017. People will be the cause of all troubles. The conflicts in the states, the large-scale wars, dreadful diseases and deteriorations in state of environment connected with use of biological weapon. In particular, 2017 will be the beginning of terrible war which will cover the whole world on a regular basis.

Pavel Globy’s predictions for 2017

The famous astrologer Pavel Globa is sure that in 2017 there will be important geopolitical changes. The leading countries of the European Union will be ready to disorder of the former coalition. Some countries in 2017 will become members of the Russian political and economic union. It will allow to strengthen even more line items of Russia in the world.

Bakhyt Umatov’s forecasts

The seer from Kazakhstan Bakhyt Umatov is sure that in 2017 there will be global wars, but they to come to the end. ISIL will be destroyed. But in the nearest future the most part of the world will be flooded with water. Israel and Afghanistan will disappear. And the population of Japan will move to Central Asia.

James Hansen’s forecasts

According to the climatologist James Hansen in 2017 Earth will be flooded as ice will thaw. If people do wisely not act and to react to violation of energy balance of Earth, then it is possible to expect big disasters. Many of wild animals and plants will be destroyed that in turn will lead to doomsday.
Other astrologers forecasts

Elena Blavatskaya and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky foretold that “black five-year-old” the era which began in 2012 will be complete. And what will be new year, will depend on human nature.

Tsiolkovsky was sure that 2017 will be year of new technologies and discoveries, and at the same time and year of increase in prices for natural resources. Only economies with a large number of natural resources will survive.

In the light of all aforesaid, it is possible to be sure only of one: all predictions say only that mankind – to the enemy. And the planet is on the verge of the vital opportunities.

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