Python spits out almost swallowed an antelope

Residents of the Indian city Gorakhpur forced Python to spit out almost swallowed an antelope. Meal dark tiger Python was rudely interrupted when out of the jaws of a huge snake could be seen only the horns of cloven-hoofed unlucky. The frightened reptile pushed himself from the carcass of already dead antelope, left hungry.

From the comments of environmentalists should be that Python lost his lunch completely in vain. Antelope was impossible to return to life. Moreover, its meat is already partially decayed and permeated by the digestive enzymes of the snake. Neither the Python nor the other predator in this food will not eat. More than likely, that hungry snake went in search of new victims and the body of the antelope was left to rot.

The length of the Python in the video — 3.7 meters. Dark tiger Python is non-venomous snake that lives in tropical rainforests and jungles with open clearings, swamps, rocky foothills and river valleys. In the diet of the reptile birds and mammals — from rodents to ungulates.

Pythons attack the prey from ambush. First, these large snakes grab prey with his teeth, and then strangled in the coils of its long body. Only then Python swallows lunch.

Pythons rarely eat, but to the point, preferring to feast on for the future and for a long time without food.

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