Rose-green-white radiance flashed over the Norwegian island

On December 18, on the island of Sør-Kvaløy in Norway, the sky flashed a multicolored glow. The travel guide Marianne Bergli photographed this magnificent explosion of colors: “Everyone has lost the gift of speech. Then came screams: “Look, wow, delicious!” The radiance was pink-green-white, is it every day? ”

In fact, the palette of this Norwegian miracle is quite unusual. Most northern auroras are green – emerald glow create energy particles from outer space that strike oxygen atoms at an altitude of 100-300 km above the Earth’s surface.

A rare pink appears when energy particles descend lower than usual, colliding with nitrogen molecules at an altitude of 100 km and below. The stream of the solar wind penetrates deeper, creating an extremely colorful spectacle for those who came to watch the Arctic sky.

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