Shark is working with people

The whale shark is a true giant of the underwater world, its height reaches a minimum of 12 meters in length, but many individuals of this species reach a length of 25 meters and even more. But even they sometimes need help, and they are not unwilling to accept it.

Giants often become entangled in fishing nets, and although easily tear them, but to reset network can’t, and she begins to dive right in the shark fins, causing her pain. In the video you can see the unique shoot, which sees a whale shark diver who wants to help her and cut the net. And the shark, instead of being afraid or sail, starting with the person to cooperate, She slowed down, allowing the man without a problem to save her from inconvenience. The diver took only 30 seconds to deprive the shark burden, according to the network condition, tormented her for many years.

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