Skyscrapers of the future

According to modern architects, it is possible that part of the megacities of the future will be multi-kilometer tower. One such project of the new York company Arconic, known for his futuristic concepts, involves the construction to 2062 g of a skyscraper with a height of 4.8 km, the method of 3D printing. Some of the materials from which must be built tower are under development and some are already in use.

According to the architects, high-rise building will be covered with a special coating that provides self-cleaning and purification of the surrounding air.

It will be equipped with a pull-out balconies. The Windows of the skyscraper will be manufactured according to the technology Bloomframe. Thanks to her, they will be able to transform into a balcony in just a minute.

The technology is already developed and has already been presented at several exhibitions.

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