Surfing at the height of 600 meters above the ground

Parachutists thrill-seekers of The Flying Frenchies have made a mad trick, without insurance having passed on surfing on the rope tense over two ridges at the height more than 600 meters!

Within the competitions which Red Bull hold annually among thrill-seekers the French basejumpers of The Flying Frenchies have thought up absolutely crackheaded statement. At first parachutists have pulled a rope between two ridges of a mountain chain Verkor in Predalpakh. Then, having dressed up in amusing suits (or at all without bottom), they have arranged the improvised arrival on surfing with a speed more than 72 km/h without any insurance which broke in the middle of a way falling down, from height about 600 meters. In spite of the fact that all events remind rather mad imagination, at team left surprisingly gracefully to do all work. It is no wonder that on a landing they literally fell on a grass from a laughter!

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