“Temples of the desert”

Self-taught artist Ra Paulette devoted the last 25 years to creating incredible caves in the mountain slopes in the north of New Mexico. He himself digs out caves and displays on their walls all sorts of patterns, using only hand tools.

The walls of hand-dug caves Ra Polette decorate with intricate patterns. The diligent artist has already created about a dozen such caves. Each man-made cave has its own unique interior, a brilliant architectural design inspired by nature itself.

In the caves, which the artist calls “temples of the desert,” some columns reach a height of up to 12 m. As a rule, he leaves a gap at the very top, to give a sense of underground. All these complex caves of sandstone Ra Polett created alone.

Paulette’s works received publicity after director Jeffrey Caroff found out about him and made a documentary film CaveDigger about the artist’s incredible work.

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