Terrible clowns frighten residents of the USA, New Zealand and Australia

The fashion for the clowns who are intimidating children and adults, which arose in the summer in the USA extended to Australia and New Zealand. The police already made the strict prevention to imitators.

According to Yahoo! News, numerous messages on collisions with terrible clowns in several Australian cities appeared directly in social networks in the past weekend. So, the inhabitant of Brisbane claimed that the clown chased her with a knife in hands. And in the city of Hamilton the 22-year-old woman was attacked by two clowns early in the morning.

The first messages on appearance of clowns in Northern and South Carolina appeared in August. Inhabitants of North American states reported in police about the clowns silently standing on the roadsides which are concealed near laundries or trying to entice children candies.

Despite official reports about detention of some “jokers”, it is still unknown what stands behind general “klounomaniya”. Media note that the phenomenon can be a part of advertizing of the horror film or a mystification.

The Australian police made preventions to those who are going to break the law, being covered with clownish masks. “Any intimidation, application of threats and antisocial behavior will be stopped, any incident will become a subject of careful investigation”, – it is said in the message about it.

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