The American woke up from the bite of a bear in the head

In the United States, the medsed did not succeed in spoiling the younger man from the troughs in the forest, clinging to the teeth in the head.

The incident occurred at the Glacier View Ranch in Colorado State. The 19-year-old boy, named Dilyan, was rushed to the parking lot and woke up at noon on July 9 with a strange cod. It was found out that Dilan Golovan was living in the teeth of a small carpenter, which was thrown into his tents, Associated Press reported.

The medved took his land, four feet deep, until the peacock fluttered peanut or soothe it. What was it? The crickets fell off the other nightmare crowd, and the transplant was gone.

Dilyan and other workgroups parked in a group of 12-13 years old children. Not a single traveler or a traveler. The young man sent him to the puppy, where he had a pregnant woman in her head and drank….

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