The construction of an “endless” ladder began in New York

The design of the staircase was proposed by the architectural company Heatherwick Studio last year, and it looked like one of the concepts that will never be realized. Nevertheless, in New York, the construction of an unusual staircase really began. Its opening should take place in 2018.

Beginning of construction / ©
According to the New York Times, the project will cost $ 150 million. The staircase will rise to a height of 45 meters. Its steel structure will consist of 154 interconnected ladders. The total number of steps is 2500 pieces, and 80 sites will be built as rest areas between the stairways. To go through all the stairs and observation platforms, visitors will have to overcome more than a mile and a half of the way.
The steel construction will create the feeling of an “infinite” ladder, since all staircases will be the same. The construction is being built in order to provide New York residents and tourists with a new kind of viewing platforms. From the stairs will open a unique view of Hudson-Yards – an area in the west of Manhattan.

“Endless” staircase / ©
The shape of the structure will resemble a hive. The diameter of the structure at the base is 15 meters, and its upper part will expand to 46 meters.
The ladders themselves are made in Italy, and then forwarded to the western side of Manhattan in parts. First, the steel structures travel 15 days by ship to the port of Newark, then cross the Hudson River and finally unload in Manhattan. The first 10 parts out of 75 have already been delivered to the construction site.

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