The dark side of popular tourist attractions

Going on vacation, we usually try to learn more about the purpose of his journey. We read the glossy guidebooks and viewing Internet sites. But sometimes attractions keep secrets that travel companies would prefer to keep from the public. After reading this article, you will be better prepared for unpleasant surprises and possibly lose some degree of naivety.

Any point of planet Earth


In the first point we want to make a public statement to the residents of Western countries. In any popular tourist place, if you see beggars with disabilities, children, old women, blind… stop! Think again before anything to give them. Very often the poor work for the criminals who have taken them almost all the money. Feeding money to the child, you support a system that steals children and even deliberately injure, to cause more pity.

Note: the plot of the film Slumdog Millionaire is based on a very real sad fact.

The Louvre, Paris


Many works of art displayed in this Museum were stolen from their countries during the invasion of Napoleon.



Not all casino busy games. More people than you think, commit suicide in these institutions. In many casinos there are special teams whose task is to conceal the body from visitors and clean up the mess.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Externally there is a gleaming, modern city, but behind the scenes is going on a lot of dark things. For example, the city is mainly built, and continues to be cost due to cheap slave labor from Asia.

Note: Although international attention is increasingly drawn to this fact, many still do not know.

Eiffel tower, Paris


At the time of this writing, 349 people have committed suicide by jumping from the tower or hanging herself on it.

Nuuanu Pali, Hawaii


The view from here, of course, wonderful, and no wonder is popular with tourists. But in this place the army of king Kamehameha threw rocks defenders of the island of Oahu. Thousands of people died.

Pamplona, Spain


If you are ready to see the torn bull, the people, or tortured people bulls, I do not advise you to visit a bullfight. This show is not for the faint of heart, and in real life to watch it much harder than on TV.

Tokyo, Japan


Beware of bars, luring tourists a free drink. Some of these bars are owned by Yakuza — organized international criminal group, managed from Japan. Not surprisingly, you can leave this bar without money, and the police prefer to do nothing.

Alps, Europe


Under the snow of the Alps buried thousands of nameless bodies who find themselves here during the various battles — from the attempt of Hannibal to conquer Rome before the world wars. Thanks to global warming the snow melts and the bodies are on the surface.

Yellowstone, USA


Despite numerous signs are regular tourists are gone. The reason for this is usually even the smallest deviation from the route. The worst part is that often the path winds between the boiling lakes (Yes, really boiling). To fall into a lake equivalent to a death sentence, and it happens more often than you would think.

Giza, Egypt


Beware of camel rides. Some drivers will take you to the desert for wonderful views only in order to extort money from you.

Note: also beware of common pitfalls. For example, ride a camel costs $ 15, and get off the camel for 200.

Disneyland, California


In the pavilion dedicated to the Pirates of the Caribbean are still some human bones.

Note: previously, there were real skeletons, but then they were replaced with artificial. For the most part.

Little mermaid, Copenhagen


For some reason, the head of this famous statue was stolen.

The Cliffs Of Moher, Ireland


Despite its beauty, the cliffs is also a popular place for suicide.

Ganges River, India


If you look closely, the river is full of faeces and bodies of people and animals.

National parks, USA


We have already talked about Yellowstone, but in fact a lot of people missing every year in parks across the country. Often this happens because people do not realize how huge and dick territory of this Park. From sudden changes of weather to wild animals – there are many ways to meet his death.

Note: If you intend to visit national Park, carefully follow the signs. They’re available not just.

Mount Fuji, Japan


Near the foot of mount Fuji there is a forest of suicides. It is so named for good reason — people do come here to commit suicide. Rumor has it that the bandits pay the homeless for those that searched the body.

Note: we do not exaggerate. Suicides are indeed a serious problem for the Japanese government. They even placed throughout the forest posters in a last attempt to dissuade people from the sad step.

Mount Everest, Nepal


As you approach the top you can locate the bodies of many climbers who died here over the centuries. Unfortunately, have not yet devised a way to pull them down because they are in a dead zone. There’s not enough oxygen for normal functioning of the human body. If you just sit down to relax, you may never rise (and it has happened with many of the climbers). Even more sad that their companions had no choice but to back down without them.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Although the temples are usually associated with peace and unity, the history of this temple is full of examples of inhuman violence. For many conflicts and Buddhists, and Hindus have shown a lot of cruelty.

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