“The Dementor” in Zambia?

News from Britain continues to please with its irresistible imagination. Recently, all the media dazzled with sensational headlines that in Zambia over the shopping center in the sky appeared an eerie cloud in a form reminiscent of “Dementor” from the films about Harry Potter.

It was reported that people who were at that time at the shopping center began to panic in panic wherever, and the most impressionable fell to their knees and began to offer supplications to God.

This news quickly migrated to the Russian-language media. The photo is really impressive, it happened in far Zambia and no one bothered to understand this information. Seeing the photo I immediately realized that this is the most common fake, but this news continues to spread with the speed of the epidemic, so I think it necessary to give your explanations.

Photo taken for installation

This is an ordinary photomontage that has nothing to do with Zambia. Based on the photo of the shopping center and on the sky above it is superimposed the image of a kite placed on Pinterest. That’s the whole “Dementor” …

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