The Earth ends with sand

A recent article published in the journal Science shed light on another environmental problem that humanity faced: sand ends on Earth.

The cause of the disappearance of sand is called its prey by humans. Moreover, according to the authors of the scientific work, the volume of extraction of sand exceeds the volume of extraction of any other substance or material.

“The lack of sand is just an emerging problem, but a problem with great economic, political, social significance, as well as the importance for the environment,” the article says.

The lack of sand started talking back in 2007, since then, concern about this has only increased. “Across the world, the extraction of sand and gravel is 68-85% of 47-59 tonnes of all mined materials per year, and this percentage is increasing.” Sand is required for the production of glass, all kinds of electronics and is used for hydraulic fracturing of the formation.

The new study also shows that the coastline, destabilized by sand extraction, may have made the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka more hazardous, sand mining complicated the water supply in the Mekong delta and led to the formation of a new criminal group that earns $ 17 million a month – the sand mafia.

The article in Science also emphasizes several times that the problem is underestimated. “Sand is a limited resource, but it is not yet clear whether demand can surpass the supply.” According to the authors of the scientific work, in any case, mankind should learn to use sand more economically.

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