The earth on fascinating video of Jeff Williams

The astronaut of NASA Jeff Williams photographed on video in ultrahigh permission Earth from the observation post on the International Space Station (ISS). The roller is capable to load with mood for the whole day!

Commenting on video, Williams tells that to watch it at the native planet, being in space and why it is important to share the videos shot with this prospect inaccessible to much with others.

Those who happened to look at Earth from above, admitted that outlooks on life, the Universe and all the rest change after that. Watch Jeff Williams’s video and you will understand why.

And in the summer the American astronaut and the commander 49 expeditions of the ISS posted video of the magnificent polar fires dancing on Earth poles on Twitter. From space the show impresses even more, than from the surface of the planet!
And earlier, in June, Williams and the Russian astronaut Oleg Skripochka the first surveyed the new inflatable ISS module.

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