The elephant attacked the boat with annoying tourists

An excursion along the banks of the Chobe River in Botswana almost turned into a coup of a boat with tourists, which came too close to the elephant dinner. The participants of the water safari took a video meeting with the giant.

“It was a really good shot, because the elephant attacked unexpectedly, so close to the elephant I had never approached before,” said photographer Su Anh.

You can see on the shots that the elephant peacefully grazed, standing on the neck in the water of the flooded Chobe River after the rains, flowing through the homonymous national park in Botswana. When the boat with tourists approached a distance of two meters, the mammal turned abruptly and rushed into the attack. The captain managed to pass back, so the elephant did not have time to pick up and turn the boat over.

Witnesses of the incident were travelers from other boats who did not dare to approach the largest land mammal.

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