The highest angel falls with a drone

To get to the highest waterfall in the world is not easy. Angel is well sheltered from the prying eyes of the tropical forests of Venezuela. But modern technology can overcome even the most challenging obstacles in the pursuit of effective personnel. The drone held video legendary location, leaving the output high-quality video — 8 thousand pixels. The video is designed in the format of 360°, therefore, the natural wonder can be viewed from all sides.

In the video you can see how water flows of angel because of the long way down sprayed into tiny particles and become mist. The shroud covers the area with an area of several kilometers.

Angel, or Churun-Maroon, or Waterfall of the deepest place, opened in the early XX century scholar Ernesto Sanchez La Cruz. But fame to the angel came after him over in 1933, flew the pilot James angel. The height of the continuous free fall of water — 807 meters, and the total height of the waterfall is 979 meters.

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