The Japanese froze 5000 fish at the rink

The Japanese froze more than 5 thousand fish in the ice. Thus, the administration of the amusement Park wanted to attract visitors to the rink. But customers ‘ response was unexpected. They are outraged by the killing of fish, and skate on this ice, the Japanese refused. They need to close the rink.

The owners of the amusement Park tried very hard: selected 25 kinds of different fish and even put them in the form of words and figures. Now they will have to calculate the profit from his original ideas, and excuses. By the way, Park Director assured the visitors that the fish was already dead when it decided to freeze.

— We wanted to create the feeling of the ocean on this rink, so our visitors have more fun and learned more about the fish. We are very sorry to have caused such discomfort among our clients, — says the Director of an amusement Park Space world Toshiki Takeda.

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