The most known has died (and lonely) a frog in the world

Tough Hard (or Tafi, from English Toughie), the last representative of a rare species of tailless tree frogs of Ecnomiohyla rabborum and a symbol of a problem of extinction of types, has died in the house — in the Botanical garden of Atlanta.

The exact age of the well-known frog is unknown, but Die Hard was at least 12 years old, and, maybe, more because he was an adult when he was found in 2005.

The look to which Die Hard — Ecnomiohyla rabborum belonged hasn’t been described till 2008. The well-known frog was found during the mission for rescue of Amphibia in 2005. Tough Hard was one of many Amphibia whom scientists have brought together when in the Central Panama amphibians have begun to perish from a killing fungus hitridiomitst.

The look lived in small area, on an eminence where the fungus was especially dangerous. Field researches have shown that to 85% of all amphibians in a natural area of dwelling of Die Hard have been wiped out. It is improbable that someone from representatives of this look has survived in the wild nature.


Tough Hard was silent all years when it lived in a botanical garden. His call was heard only once — in 2014.

The frog had a great number of admirers. Last year his photo was projected on St. Peter’s Cathedral and lost his call.

There is no Die Hard any more now, and with it also the whole look has left. The huge number of animals and plants continues to disappear, and their loss breaks normal process of healthy ecosystems more and more.

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