The most terrible of the underwater predator – a three-meter worm

The ocean carries a lot of extremely strange creatures, but they usually live at great depths, where the enormous pressure and extreme conditions create a real monster. But the hero of this movie is not. He lives at a depth of 10-40 meters, but occurs at 6 metres.

This predatory polychaete worm Eunice aphroditois name. In the early stages of development of this worm with a length of only 100 mm, but it grows rapidly and often reaches a size of 2-3 meters (although the average size of the Eunice aphroditois about 1 meter in length). The worm hides on the bottom, and attack passing fish with such speed and force that sometimes cuts the victim in half. In addition, it is also poisonous, its toxin paralyzes or kills the fish.

Known cases when Eunice aphroditois accidentally fall into the aquarium with gravel or stones. So in 2009 at the aquarium of Cornwall, someone started to destroy marine fish, and I had to disassemble the whole exhibition, before the worm found. It did not work the traps, he easily had a bite of the fishing line and swallowed hooks. The worm was nicknamed Barry, and went into a separate tank.

Unofficially Eunice aphroditois was named the Bobbit worm by the name of Lorena Bobbitt, chief supernumerary sensational case of 1996 which cut off the penis of her husband. Eunice aphroditois got this nickname because of its sharp and powerful jaws, but no evidence that members of his species have ever attacked a passing over it people there.

Live worms in warm waters and are found both in the Atlantic and Pacific.

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