The Peruvian Indians burned alive a woman accused of witchcraft.

In Peru the inhabitants of the Indian village burnt alive an elderly woman, accusing her of witchcraft. The time of the killing recorded on a mobile phone camera by one of the locals.

The video shows how a woman with bound hands placed on the pile of sticks, doused with gasoline and throw a lighted match. A terrible crime was committed in a remote village with no cell phone reception, resulting in more of a perfect 20 Sep crime it became known only a week.

The reason for the brutal murders were the suspicions of the villagers that the 73-year-old woman nakliyat of the disease, RIA Novosti reported. Before the execution took place on an improvised court, where 40 villagers sentenced to a miserable death, making the corresponding record about it in the local event log.

In the village was sent a detachment of armed police. Law enforcement officers found at the crime scene remains burned women. Police said that the victim’s body continued to burn for three days. The journal in which it was recorded about the sentence imposed, seized by the authorities as one of the evidence of the crime.

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